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Thank you for shopping with us. We are committed to bringing you high quality, grass-fed meat. To begin please select an animal type from above. Read below to learn more about Meadow Raised Meats cut selections. Other items produced on the farm, and a great cookbook, are available at Miscellany.

Using the Market

Due to subtle differences in cuts of meat, total weights are approximate. Your subtotal will reflect the closest dollar value of the retail cut ordered. We ship each order via UPS. Upon ordering we will contact you to make arrangements for shipping and payment.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
cows contently feeding on sweet meadow grass at Sweet Grass Farm

Meadow Raised Beef

Our animals are started and finished on lush green grasses. Our beef finishes to a USDA Choice grade, is extremely flavorful, lean and tender. Test on our beef have shown that it has at least twice as much CLA as conventional feedlot beef.

Meadow Raised Poultry

Experience the difference grass makes in pastured poultry. We raise chicken only during the spring, summer and fall months, to ensure absolutely the highest quality of Meadow Raised chicken. Pastured turkey, both Heritage breeds and Broad Breasted Whites are available September through January.

Meadow Raised Pork

We raise pigs the old-fashioned way. Our pork has a delicious flavor and texture due to it's natural diet and opportunity to exercise and forage in open pasture and woodlands.

Meadow Raised Veal

Calves develop naturally on New York's lush pastures. They drink mother's milk, graze freely, and flourish in the sunshine. Our veal is rosy in color, rich in flavor and tender as can be.

Meadow Raised Lamb

New York provides the perfect environment for raising succulent lamb. Our clovers and grasses deliver the perfect blend of nutrient the lambs need to grow to a flavorful finish. We can also provide small roasting lambs for special occasions.


A variety of other farm produced items, such as treats for your dog or cat, homespun yarn, homemade soaps. A helpful cookbook is also available.
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