Meadow Raised Meats Retail Market

Select the desired quantity using the pull down menu. Then click the 'Add To Cart' button. You can return to this screen to order more cuts of Beef if desired.

Due to subtle differences in cuts of meat total weights are approximate. Your subtotal will reflect the closest dollar value of the retail cut ordered.
* All weights in US Pounds

You can now select multiple 'package' quantities using the pull down menu. Using this method, for example, you can order '10' five pound packages of a meadow raised meat. Your cost per cut is then calculated as the selected quantity times the cost per pound times the average package weight.

Meadow Raised Meats cuts for Beef

Retail CutAverage Weight QuantityCommentsPrice/lb.Click To Order
Filet Mignon0.80 lbs. Read Comments23.00
Beef Rib Steak1.80 lbs. Read Comments11.00
Beef Sirloin Steak1.70 lbs. Read Comments10.50
Beef Shaved Steak1.00 lbs. Read Comments9.10
Corned Beef Brisket2.50 lbs. Read Comments9.00
London Broil3.00 lbs. Read Comments8.00
Sirloin Tip Roast3.00 lbs. Read Comments6.80
Beef Rump Roast3.00 lbs. Read Comments6.80
Sirloin Tip Roast3.00 lbs. Read Comments6.80
Beef Rump Roast3.00 lbs. Read Comments6.80
Beef Flap Steak2.50 lbs. Read Comments6.50
Beef Pack Special50.00 lbs. Read Comments6.50
Beef Brisket3.00 lbs. Read Comments6.25
Stew Beef2.00 lbs. Read Comments6.25
Beef Patties - Quarter lb.2.00 lbs. Read Comments6.15
Half Pound Beef Patties2.00 lbs. Read Comments6.15
Beef Cheeks2.00 lbs. Read Comments6.00
Ground Beef1.00 lbs. Read Comments5.90
Beef Chuck Roast3.00 lbs. Read Comments5.75
Ground Beef 2 lb'er2.00 lbs. Read Comments5.40
Beef Chuck Steak1.25 lbs. Read Comments5.15
Beef Shanks1.50 lbs. Read Comments4.00
Beef Shortribs3.50 lbs. Read Comments4.00
Beef Tongue2.00 lbs. Read Comments3.50
Beef Kidney1.00 lbs. Read Comments3.50
Beef Marrow Bones4.00 lbs. Read Comments2.50
Beef Soup Bones4.00 lbs. Read Comments1.75
Beef Suet1.50 lbs. Read Comments0.60

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