Meadow Raised Meats On-Line Help Guide

If you have any questions or need assistance using this web site we strongly encourage you to send us an e-mail at

We are continuing to improve and add features to and we thank you for your visit. We have endeavored to provide a straightforward and simple way of purchasing grass-fed meats on line. To do so:

1. Visit any 'Buy Meadow Raised Meats' link.

2. Select an animal type by clicking on an animal graphic or accompanying link, such as beef, to view available cuts for that animal.

3. You will then be presented with available cuts for the animal you have chosen. The cut names are similar to the retail cut names that you would find at a local grocer or butcher shop.

4. You will be presented with the average weight for a unit of freshly packaged meat. Click the 'Add To Cart' button next to the average weight to order ONE UNIT of the described cut. BY CHOOSING THE ADD TO CART BUTTON YOU WILL BE ADDING THE CORRESPONDING CUT AT THE DISPLAYED WEIGHT TO YOUR CART. THE COST PER UNIT IS DETERMINED BY MULTIPLYING THE AVERAGE WEIGHT BY THE COST PER POUND. Please note the price per pound in the far right hand column.

5. A summary of your order will appear. Choose 'Check Out Now' to complete your order or 'Order Another Cut' to add another cut to your shopping cart.

6. Exact charges cannot be calculated until your order is packed, ice packs added, box weighed and UPS shipping rates obtained. The shipping charges displayed at check out are estimated.

7. After receiving your order, we will promptly contact you to arrange payment and shipping at your convenience. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or personal check. Payment must be completed before the order leaves the farm.

8. Most orders ship Monday through Wednesday and take 24-48 hrs in transit. Every attempt will be made to coordinate delivery date to your convenience. We will provide you with the UPS Tracking numbers so you will be able to track your order from drop-off to arrival.

9. Shipments delayed in transit. UPS does not insure perishables so follow-up on any delay promptly. Track your order at, contact your local UPS office, or contact Wendy at 315-829-5437.

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